Build A Make-Shift Stove Out Of Soda Cans


survival tips and DIY projects, and the tiny stove in the video below is sure to be a favorite. Made with easily found and inexpensive items, this portable stove can be included in an emergency kit or taken as a lightweight camping stove.

HEET, while readily available in the United States, is not the only fuel option. HEET (in the yellow bottle) is popular because it is inexpensive at about $5 a bottle, and works well in cold weather. But methanol fumes can be toxic and should only be used as a fuel source outdoors.

An ideal fuel is ethanol, the kind found in alcoholic beverages. It should be 190 or 200 proof. It burns cleanly, and less fuel is needed to produce the same amount of heat. It can, however, be difficult to find and expensive. Denatured alcohol is a more readily available source of ethanol, but be sure to check for higher ethanol content.

In an absolute emergency, isopropyl or rubbing alcohol can also be used. Although it generates a lot of heat and is easy to find, it is also messy to burn and the fumes from burning it are toxic. If you find that the fuel is burning too hot and creating too much soot, you can add a little water.

The fiberglass should be the type used for automotive or boat repair, but can also be replaced with AAA Steel Wool.

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