Use The Secret Ingredient To Un-Shrink Your Favorite Clothing Item


This simple hack is going to save you so much time and money, you’re not even going to believe it!

We have all made this mistake or have had this happen to us. We put our laundry in the dryer or take it to the cleaners, but when it comes back it’s a little snug. You wonder if you’ve put on a few pounds, until finally you realize your pants or shirt have totally shrunken a few inches. It may be your first instinct to toss the item away, but with this easy trick, you’ll be able to “un-shrink” anything. And if you’re having trouble with wrinkles, you might want to try throwing ice cubes in the dryer.

What You’ll Need:

Bucket or sink of warm water
Any baby shampoo
Your shrunken clothing
First pour warm, not boiling, water into a bucket or fill up the sink. Next, pour in a capful of any brand of baby shampoo. Add your shrunken clothing item and let soak. Wring out the item and lay it out on a towel. Then, carefully tug at the ends of the item to stretch it out. Once it has reached its original size, let dry. Enjoy your favorite clothing like it’s brand new again!

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