Soldier Surprises His Two Daughters While They’re Petting A Dolphin


These two adorable little sisters were visiting the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago when they got the surprise of a lifetime!

They were watching the dolphin show, an exhibit that shows off these beautiful rescue creatures and helps to spread awareness on how to save these beautiful animals, when they suddenly heard their names. Asked to come up to pet one of these gentle creatures of the sea, the two little girls happily stroke his face; but when one of the dolphin trainers suddenly points up we quickly learn that the dolphins were just a distraction all along.

The older sister looks up, takes a few seconds to process what she sees, and instantly sprints to the left, and as the camera pans to keep up with her, we suddenly see what this was all about.

It turns out that Army Sgt. Keith Howse helped set this whole thing up; the proud father of his two beautiful daughters, Nataja and Jorja, it is truly heartbreaking to learn that he hasn’t seen either of them in nearly a whole year. But none of that matters anymore when you see their reactions: pure love and unhindered joy!

Serving in Afghanistan sure has been tough for this brave family, but it’s moments like these thatthey love the most and look forward to. We got chills when we heard the crowd’s reaction, and by the end of this heartwarming video you’ll be clapping, too!

This will be an amazing memory that these two precious girls will keep with them for the rest of their lives.

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