Brothers Angered By Their Sisters’ Antics


It’s perfectly normal for siblings to quarrel. Growing up under the same roof, spending an abundance of time together, it’s only natural that at some point brothers and sisters will do a bit of arguing. In some cases it goes past the verbal onslaughts and can turn physical, but that’s on a case-by-case basis. Growing up with two older brothers, I can say that I had my fair share of altercations as a youth.

Stick some siblings in a compact car and your chances of a squabble increase tenfold. Do you remember going on road trips when you were young – the car packed to the brim? Maybe the AC wasn’t working or no one could agree on a radio station. This is when emotions run high and the family starts to get testy. “Are we there yet?” the children constantly ask.

Below, Mom films her three sweet children as they try to coordinate a birthday message for a family friend. In Mom’s perfect plan, each of her children deliver one word of the rather simple message: “Happy Birthday Charlie!” Unfortunately, little sister is having a hard time remembering the instructions, and instead blurts out the entire phrase, angering her two older brothers.

Check out the clip below to see the action unfold. We can’t help but laugh at the antics of these siblings, especially at how worked up the two brothers get over a simple mistake. But that’s just how family is. Do you remember amusing instances like this with your family when you were growing up? Feel free to share with us any funny anecdotes or just your thoughts on the video. Also, don’t forget to share the video on Facebook!



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