Bus Driver Slammed On The Brakes And Saved A Toddler In The Middle Of The Road


The people aboard a local bus thought it was just a normal day until they suddenly felt the brakes bring their commute to a screeching halt.

While the bus driver, Bill Clark, was on his normal bus route, he suddenly noticed a small white blur in his peripheral vision. As he glanced over he realized it was a tiny toddler, running around in the middle of the road. Though he’s been in the business for over 17 years, he had certainly never seen anything like this before!

Clark kept a humble attitude as he explained what had happened: “from the time I saw the child I’m not sure I looked out to see if there were any other cars, I was concentrating on him. I think there’s a good possibility that he could’ve gotten hit.”

Thankfully, Clark was there to take the boy in and offer him some hot chocolate. Though the little boy wasn’t scared, he couldn’t communicate well enough to explain where his home was. It wasn’t until a few hours later that authorities finally figured out that the 2-year-old little boy had walked out of his father’s apartment as he slept.

Though many people are hailing Clark as a hero, he calmly shook his head and simply stated that it was pure instinct. Anyone else would have done what he did, and while hopefully that statement is true, we can’t help but being thankful that of all the people to see this little boy, it was Bill Clark, your friendly neighborhood bus driver!

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