With One Golden Ball This Gymnast Takes Her Sport To A Level Never Seen Before


Passion fills her heart, and ingenuity fills her steps, creating the most breathtaking routine you have ever seen. Daria Kondakova spared nothing when she performed her individual qualifications routine with the ball. From moment one to her final pose, she stays gracefully poised. The audience fell in love with her creativity which highlighted her routine among all others. She has the ability to perform in a way that makes you enchanted with her every move. You don’t even have to wonder what she will do next, because what she does in each and every moment captures your full attention.

It’s only appropriate that she is adorned in gold glitter as she has become among the very best. With her gold ball, she sends it flying into the air, only to come back into her capable grasp after several technical spins. No one doubts her ability, and it could be the way that she carries herself with such confidence, or it could just be the way that she is trained so well that a mistake at this point is nearly unheard of.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, she has a way of surprising you. She leaps her way to the top, and by the end she gets a raging applause from the entire audience. Watch her stunning routine in the video below.



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