They Call Him Angry Grandpa But Just LOOK How He Reacts TO This Tear-Jerking Surprise…


Michael and his sister, Bridgette, have been house hunting for the past few months. Like most families, these siblings admire their parent’s approval and decided to bring their Dad along for the hunt. But little did Dad know, they had a surprise up their sleeve that would turn his world upside down.

If you’re familiar with the popular YouTube Channel, AngryGrandpa, you’d suspect these two pranksters were plotting the ultimate joke on their old man. But for this episode of AngryGrandpa, they decided to surprise us even further and do something for him beyond heart-warming. They bought him a house.

Watch as Michael takes him on a tour of what he thinks to be his son’s brand new home. He comments with “Hey, this is nice!” revealing just how impressed he is of the quaint home. Dad even jokes about having his own room in the house. “Hey, put me a bed in here, man!”

When they finally complete the tour, Michael hands his Dad a key. It takes him a few moments to realize what he’s just received, but once he hears the words, “This is your house, Pop,” he breaks down.

Grab the tissues because his emotional reaction will surely bring you to tears. “I don’t deserve this, Michael,” he moans right before he gives him a giant bear hug. The amount of love he expresses to his son is expected. Dad, too, had been looking for a home of his own, and now he finally has one.
Best prank ever? We think so, too.
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