This Cat Loves His Human More Than Anything Else In The World


Alot of self-proclaimed “dog people” say they don’t like cats because they don’t care about people. They say that cats are independent creatures that don’t want anything to do with humans until it’s time for their dinner. Some people even say that cats are downright mean.

That’s simply not true. Cats, just like dogs, all have their own personalities. Some are more independent than others, some like to cuddle, some like to talk, and some like to knock all of your belongings off of every surface in the house. A cat’s behavior also depends very strongly on his past interactions with humans. In the same way that abused dogs need love and compassion, neglected cats need a little extra care to warm up to people.

But they are 100 percent capable of falling in love with their human, just like dogs.

When I first got my cat, he hid under the couch all day and left me with scratches when I tried to pick him up. I don’t know what his past was like, but after three years with me, he’s the friendliest cat I’ve ever met. Even my guests who claim to hate cats begrudgingly admit that “he’s pretty nice!”

This kitty cat is a perfect example of a feline that loves his human to pieces. I’ve never seen anything like this before! I’ve seen a cat follow his person around the house, trotting alongside feet, but this is a whole new level of commitment…

… And it’s the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen all day.

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