Cheating Is Wrong. And This Guy Learned That The Hard, And Hilarious, Way.


Like so many 20-year-old adult males, Hertfordshire, England resident Charlie Fisher still has a lot of learning to do. Unfortunately (for him), the lad recently received a particularly harsh lesson from a group of admirable young ladies who doled out a bit of justice.

Fisher, it seems, was always pretty shady when it came to his phone and being tagged in photos or statuses with his then-girlfriend, Becky Connery. While he was away on a trip to Germany, it took only a small amount of sleuthing for Becky to discover the cause: he was cheating on her. With two other girls.

Together, they decided not to let him off the hook so easy.

The first thing Charlie saw when he returned from his trip abroad?

All three ladies waiting for him at the airport.

Becky, far left, explained his reaction, “He froze and looked at us. He said, ‘Why are you here? Why would you do this?’ We were like, ‘Are you joking?’” She orchestrated the whole reunion by contacting the second girlfriend…

…who then contacted the third.

Charlie with Becky in a photo he likely untagged himself from. When the girls began berating him at the airport, he attempted to find refuge with his grandma who was there to pick him up.

But after hearing why they were upset, his grandma stepped back and let the girls have at him.

Their boyfriend bust even made local headlines.


(via Elite Daily.)

What comes around really goes around, and this dummy had to learn it the hard way. The girls, however, have grown to be friends over the whole ordeal. I think it’s safe to say they’re much better off.



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