Hilarious Raccoon Washes The Dishes


Although we’ve seen plenty of naughty little raccoons who love to steal things that aren’t theirs, Masha the raccoon is the opposite. In fact, this little critter lends a helpful hand at the Royev Ruchei Zoo in Krasnoyarsk.

The raccoon helps by doing the dishes and the animals rescuers were able to capture the adorable moment on camera! Masha’s favorite activity might not seem like typical behavior for a raccoon, but boy is it sweet!

It turns out that sometimes, pets can be pretty good household helpers (much like this genius dog), as well.

When her pal joins in, the two load all the plastic dishes into the water and appear to be washing them. Having a buddy help out, always makes daunting tasks a little easier. My favorite part of this clip is when Masha jumps right into the water and make sure all the dishes are adequately soaked.

Although she may not be the best at helping out, she sure does give it a good try. Never has washing dishes looked this fun! Now, if only her caretakers could teach her how to to the laundry, that would make life a whole lot easier!

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