Woman Set Up Hidden Camera, Saw What Her Fiancé Did to Her Dogs and Immediately Cancelled Wedding


Ninna Mandin, a 26-year-old woman from Brazil’s capital was about to get married to the man she loved when she discovered something disturbing that changed everything. She had to cancel all the wedding plans when she found out that her husband to be brutally abused her dogs. She discovered that after installing security cameras in the living room.

She suspected everything was not right when she noted that her French bulldogs were behaving strangely. On top of that, they had blue spots and bruises on their bodies –something she had never seen before. As if that was not enough, the pups always looked scared when her boyfriend was around. That is what pushed her to secretly install the camera.

The moment she watched what the camera had recorded, she was full of bitterness and couldn’t believe what she had just seen. She saw her boyfriend kick and hit the dogs in a horrible manner. She revealed that the love she felt for him immediately disappeared after she witnessed everything.

She loved her dogs so much and she couldn’t stand the pain of seeing them suffer in the hands of the monster.

She had all along thought that her fiancée was loving and not capable of doing such unbearable acts. Animal cruelty was one of the things she couldn’t allow, even if it met cancelling her wedding plans.


All she wanted was a man who could show some affection towards her and her dogs. She never believed that the man she imagined was so affectionate was so cruel behind the scenes.

She was so shocked and promised herself that she was not going to stop at anything until the law had taken its course.

Ninna went ahead and posted the video online so that the whole world can see her ex-boyfriend’s brutality.

She never stopped there, she put an online petition in place so that the evil man could be charged. It did not take long before her petition got over 30,000 supporters

The report went ahead and investigated the incident, though their report still remains undisclosed.

On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend has been on the run since Ninna disclosed his brutality since he could not stand the people’s disgust.

Have you ever witnessed such an incident? What do you think of this story?



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