A Child Recollects A Past Life With Stunning Accuracy


Reincarnation is a commonly held belief in many Eastern religions, but only 25% of Americans believe that the soul can be reborn in a new body. Ryan’s mom was not one of those people, but the increasingly startling evidence to the contrary forced her to change her entire world view.

When Ryan first began making claims of a past life, Cyndi couldn’t help but feel frightened. Having been raised in a Baptist church, she did not support the idea of reincarnation. Worse, she was scared of how her community would respond to the wild claims made by her 5-year-old, and even kept it a secret from her husband. Then one day, the discovery of an old photograph in a book triggered a chain of events that changed everything for her.

Stories of children claiming past lives are not entirely uncommon, but this is the most remarkable case I have ever heard. The level of detail that Ryan is able to recount is hard to ignore or even attribute to an adult feeding him information. While there can never be definitive proof of reincarnation, Ryan’s story is compelling and it certainly does pique a lot of interest. Perhaps the fascination with reincarnation stems from a reluctance to let go of our earthly lives. It certainly is a nice idea to think we can get another chance at life.

What do you think of this story? Do you believe in the notion of past lives? If so, do you think there is a purpose for it? If not, how do you explain stories like this? We love hearing your thoughts.



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