China Found The World’s Largest Insect Hiding In Our Nightmares.


The Insect Museum of West China has just examined what appears to be the world’s largest flying insect specimen. The Giant Dobsonfly is an aquatic insect and is typically found in China, India and Vietnam. … it’s also so huge and horrifying, it makes me never want to leave my house again.

This particular guy was found in the Sichuan Province of China and he is a terrifying monster that could maybe lift a small child.



There are 220 species of dobsonflies and the Giant Dobsonfly is, well, the giantest.


This guy has a wingspan of 8.27 inches and looks like a fully evolved Pokemon.


Here it is compared to an egg that it will soon destroy with its terrifying claws of death.


The Giant Dobsonfly is highly susceptible to pollution, so if you don’t want them around at your picnics, please feel free to empty your nuclear waste in whatever hellish ponds they spawned from.


CNN describes the insect as “large enough to cover a human face.” Oh, ha-ha, CNN! That’s funny because I totally didn’t want to sleep ever again.


Dobsonflies spend most of their life in the larvae stage, so don’t worry, most of the time they aren’t giant, face stealing monsters. Phew.



(H/T: CNN)

So yeah, cancel that trip to China because that’s the place where real nightmares live. Give this a share on Facebook to warn your newsfeed of the King Kong-bug that will kill us all.



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