Cockatiel Gets Emo Every Time Owner Leaves House, Sings Really Good Ringtone Impression


Australian natives, cockatiels are chatty little birds! And it’s the males who are naturally better at talking and whistling than their female counterparts – and, male cockatiels are even better at whistling and making sounds than they are at talking. These funny feathered impersonators are sound-effect aficionados!

In this video, Lucky the cockatiel exhibits some funny behavior that (lucky for us!) was recorded. This is a really cute display of emotion that Lucky’s owner says happens pretty frequently.

When Lucky isn’t feeling happy, he’s developed a different way to let everyone know what’s on his mind. Rather than making aggressive sounds or flying around unpredictably, the bird makes a familiar sound usually when Mike is doing up his shoes getting ready to leave the house.

It’s not uncommon for pets to struggle a little bit with separation anxiety when their owners leave, but usually, their behavior is a little more obvious. Like pawing at the door, whining, clawing, etc. But Lucky? He mimics the famous iPhone ringtone melody, one of Mike’s favorite and most prized possessions! Cockatiels are known for imitating or copying sounds and speech in an attempt to be a good friend and show they care. Aww!



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