Compilation Shows Dachshunds Being The Goofiest Fur Babies Ever


You know what you probably need? An adorable compilation video of dachshunds being adorable, that’s what.

We’ve got you covered.

In the video below, you’ll see it all. You’ll find a dachshund managing to get himself stuck in a pickle of sorts as he adorably traps himself in the sleeve of a sweater (and actually, this happens several times — these pups appear to be experts and managing to get themselves stuck). You’ll watch a dachshund puppy discover that carpet is the coolest toy he’s never realized has been there all along. You’ll watch dachshunds learn to swim with their tiny little legs (or at least think they’re swimming). And it’s so sweet it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face, because these fur babies are big goobers at heart.

And then — lest we leave you wanting more adorable dachshunds to brighten your day — learn a thing or two from Animalist’s Dachshund Facts video (trust me, it’s just as sweet as it is enlightening). Or, if factoids aren’t your particular brand of puppy fun, there’s always the video of Dachshund babies howling the Law & Order theme to remind you that these darlings are adorable in practically any imaginable capacity. Dachshund puppies for everyone!

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