They Were Considered Unadoptable, But What These Animals Do Now Is Life-Changing. Amazing!


Although many people love animals and have them as pets, there are still hundreds of animals that fall through the cracks at shelters and adoption centers who never find their forever homes.

While healthy puppies and kittens might not last very long at most shelters before being snatched up and taken home, older animals and animals with disabilities or illnesses tend to get passed over. And oftentimes the animals who are overlooked are the ones that need a loving home the most.

The Home For Life Animal Sanctuary does just what its name says and takes care of the dogs, cats, and even birds that are never adopted and gives them a place to finally call home, but it also gives them a chance to make an impact.

Like we have seen in many stories before, older and disabled pets are still capable of completely changing the lives of those around them for the better. Whether they are literally saving lives, likeChance, the dog who went and got help when his owner was in trouble, or just making someone’s life better, like Missy, the rescue who now helps a wounded veteran, rescue animals are constantly proving their worth.

The rescued animals at Home For Life not only bring happiness to the people that care for them, but they also share that love with others when they visit one of the many organizations they are involved with. From spending time with domestic violence survivors, to brightening the days of those in nursing homes, each of the 200 animals cared for at the center has a unique and special impact on the people they come into contact with.

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