He’s Been Failing Math, But Watch What Happens When He Shows Dad His Report Card…


When you’re a kid, life is pretty stress-free for the most part. Unless of course it’s the most dreaded time of the year, when report cards arrive.

It can be a pretty rough time for kids and parents alike when a student is struggling in school. I know I’m guilty of hiding a report card or two back in the day! Nowadays, it seems like schools will fail a student for absurd reasons, like we learned with this sick little girl who was expelled for missing too many days due to her cancer treatment. It’s easy to understand why kids are under so much pressure both at school and at home.

As you can see in this precious video, where a 72-year-old veteran finally graduates after more than five decades, it’s such a victory for the entire family when a loved one makes strides in the classroom. In the following clip, we see the most touching reaction of all when a young boy in the U.K. brings home his report card to show his father. Under any other circumstances, showing Dad your report card would be so nerve-racking, but Aria Shahrokhshahi was beyond happy that he finally passed math class.

However, no one was more delighted than his dad. This home video has been seen by millions of people around the world…and for good reason!

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