He Sees A Cat Outside In The Freezing Cold And Does Something Brilliant…


According to The Humane Society, there are tens of millionsof feral cats in United States.

Feral cats originate from domestic cats that were lost or abandoned and learned to survive outdoors. Because they’re hard to tame, many feral cats cannot be adopted into a forever home. So, they often end up living outside in colonies — but the harsh winter weather makes it difficult to stay comfortable and healthy.

The awesome man you’re about to meet works alongside his wife, together on their mission to help feral cats survive the winter season — using homemade feral cat homes. His wife says, “Take a tour of feral cat shelters made by my husband for our community cats. We fill the houses with straw to keep the cats warm all winter long. Straw has less moisture than hay, which keeps it from freezing in damp weather. Be sure to get your neighborhood cats spayed and neutered and provide them with regular food, water (in a heated bowl for winter), warm, dry shelter and vet care when needed. Please share this video and help keep feral cats warm this winter.”

This video is so helpful for people who have feral cats in their neighborhoods, but don’t have any idea how to help, if at all. For anyone who wants to help these cats, this is a wonderful solution. It’s cheap, easy-to-do and most of all, it makes a huge difference in the lives of those of our feline friends, could use an extra special hand to keep warm and cozy.

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