Little kitten trying to learn how to use litter box for the first time, pulls off some great moves


Every other time, we’re treated to some giggle-inducing clips of pets doing what most people consider hilarious. Well, it seems like this kind of thing isn’t about to end any time soon!

Now, we ran into this cool clip of a little kitty that has decided to go by the times and learn the ropes in the new development. Apparently, a litter box has been introduced in the vicinity, and this little animal has seen it fit to learn how to use this new “item” in the house. How he does it? I’m already all cracked up!

As much as I like to think that this kitty is doing everything in his power to get the best out of the situation, I can’t help laughing out loud at just how he decides to go about his “private business.” Watch as he gets on two legs and innocently relieve himself. At mark 0:43 in the video, I dropped!

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