Veterinarian Kills Cat In Her Yard, Then Brags On Facebook


Dr. Kristen Lindsey was a respected veterinarian at the Washington County Animal Clinic…until she posted this photo of herself on Facebook. In the photo, which has been blurred by Click 2 Houston, Lindsey holds a dead cat with an arrow through it’s head, while she smiles proudly. The adjoining caption reads, “My first bow kill lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award…gladly accepted.”

The photograph immediately sparked outrage by local residents who flooded the clinic with phone calls demanding action and an explanation. Lindsey posted this comment in response to the growing attention, “no I did not lose my job. Lol. Psshh. Like someone would get rid of me. I’m awesome!” But it wasn’t long before she did, in fact, lose her job. There is also a pending criminal investigation by the Brenham Police Department. If found guilty, she will likely lose her license. Both the clinic where she worked and the school where she earned her degree are already distancing themselves from her and publicly speaking out against her actions.

At least one client she served through the clinic came forward in Lindsey’s defense, and said she shouldn’t be judged for the photograph that was posted. Others speculated that the photograph was manufactured as a joke. Unfortunately, Lindsey’s parents confirmed witnessing her shoot the cat and having taken the photograph. It would seem that no one in Lindsey’s family saw any reason to be anything other than impressed by, or proud of, her actions.

What is your reaction to this story? Do you think the public reaction would have been different had the animal not been a traditional pet?



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