Cop Disguises Himself As A Homeless Disabled Man And Discovers The Kindness Of Strangers


An undercover cop disguised himself as a homeless man in a wheelchair. He believed this “fly on the wall” costume would allow him to catch thieves and criminals in the city.

The police department launched the project after a series of attacks and robberies against people in wheelchairs occurred in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

However, what Staff Sgt. Mark Horsley discovered instead was a lesson in kindness, compassion and selflessness.

He told strangers he had a brain injury, that he could not count, and that he was homeless.

In one instance a man kneels down, it looks as though he is about to take the money out of his waist pouch, but that wasn’t the case at all — the man prayed with him.


Though it isn’t uncommon for cops to behave kindly, like the cop and grandpa who bottle fed a baby after his mom had a seizure, cops, who face unspeakable crimes every day, rarely get to see that kindness returned.

In other encounters, Horsley told the folks he was trading money for food and cigarettes with that he couldn’t count. He expected to be shortchanged. The people actually charged him less.

“Not one person took advantage of my vulnerability,” Horsley said. “This community has soul.”

What Horsley learned was that people were more likely to take care of each other than take advantage of one another. It was beautiful.

“The generosity, the caring was inspiring,” Horsley said.

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