Cop Saves Dog Stuck in a Freezing Lake. Now Watch When He Brings Him to The Shelter…


In Michigan, a street dog that was about to lose his life became the luckiest dog ever when he was adopted by a certain lady that saw him on TV and fell in love at the first sight.

The stray dog was unlucky when he fell into the frozen Lake Michigan. While passing by, someone saw him in the lake and contacted the authorities immediately. The police appeared on the scene and rescued the dog from the freezing water. He was taken to the Humane Society where they renamed him Michigan. The rescuers waited for someone to come and claim for him but nobody showed up. When Brenda Thompson saw him, she fell in love with him and wanted to adopt him immediately.

She revealed to TMJ4 that when she saw him on TV, she rushed to put on her clothes and headed to Humane Society. She made the necessary preparations before bringing him.

Excited, she said that she was to take Michigan for a long stroll when he gets home. She also told TMJ4 that his bed was prepared already and also the toys and feeding bowls were ready too!



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