This Baby Can’t Stop Laughing At His German Shepherd Friend


Watching this adorable video will have you laughing and in stitches in less than a minute! It begins with the beautiful and big German Shepherd named Freyja tenderly approaching the tiny 5-month-old baby boy. As the dog begins to shake the green chew toy in his mouth the baby suddenly gets a wild case of the giggles!

We just love watching these adorable interactions between babies and their new dog friends. There’s an honest fascination that both have with each other, the babies are usually incredibly intrigued by the big fluffy animals, and the dogs are almost confused at times.

They always almost seem as if they can’t associate the smell of a human to be linked with such a small, puppy-sized giggling object. Eventually the dogs realize that these little babies are humans, and within minutes they end up being the best of friends forever! With a fantastic bond like the video below, it’s no wonder why dogs are considered “man’s best friend!” This video is just too cute!

We especially love this video because, while we do trust this beautiful dog, we’re happy to see that the father is keeping a watchful eye on everything just to make sure nothing bad happens accidentally!

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