This Couple Saved 15 Lives In 15 Minutes. Their Story Left Me Speechless.


One loving couple just couldn’t say no to dogs who faced a horrible and certain fate. The fact is that many shelters just can not afford to hold a surplus of animals and eventually, some must be put to sleep. One couple, knowing that this would happen to a family of puppies they heard about, rushed to the shelter to take them in and change their world forever.

What they did not expect is who or what they would find along their way.  On their way into the shelter, they found one very sick dog chained to a fence and abandoned by someone who didn’t want to pay the $25 turn-in fee at the shelter. They decided to take him home. Next, they inquired about the litter of puppies and learned that their were TWO litters about to be killed. They went home that day saving 15 dogs in only 15 minutes, proving that with a little love, anything is possible. If this story inspired you, please SHARE it!



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