Paddle Boarder Rushes To Rescue A Tiny Puppy Stranded At Sea


Sometimes life is all about being in the right place at the right time…

Here at Little Things, we know all too well that this can be especially true when it comes to amazing animal rescues — like the one in the following video. In the footage, we see a man on his paddle board in Herne Bay (off the coast of Kent in England) who ended up getting a much bigger adventure than he set out expecting: Charlie Head was paddling along when he spotted something strange in the distance and decided to investigate.

Upon further inspection, he was shocked to see a tiny, soaked puppy on top of rocks in the middle of the water, several hundred feet from the shore. The small, scared Shih Tzu must have gotten stuck on top of the rocks as the tide was coming in and simply wasn’t strong enough to swim in the choppy, freezing-cold water. Luckily, Head was able to rush to the little guy’s rescue and save the day, bringing the little pup to shore and turning him into a local shelter, after which his family was able to be tracked down.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a brave, good Samaritan rush into action when they saw a tiny dog from drowning, this is definitely the most unbelievable rescues I’ve ever witnessed.

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