A Creative But Effective Alternative Use For Red Lipstick


Smearing red lipstick under your eyes might seem odd at first, but the logic behind this action is perfectly sound. In this video, Deepica Mutyala discloses a unique method for concealer dark circles or spots on the skin. While there are an abundance of products specifically designed for color-correcting your complexion, Mutyala demonstrates a DIY version that can be done with cosmetics you probably already own.

As shown in the image above, she applies a vibrant orange-red lipstick with a brush to the discolored areas. After patting the lipstick into her skin, she continues her makeup routine as she ordinarily would, making sure that all the color-corrected areas are properly concealed. The effectiveness of this method is astonishing, and has certainly piqued my curiosity as to whether or not it would work for me.

The reason this trick works can be explained with color theory. On the color wheel, orange-red is on the opposite side of blue, which is the typical color of undereye circles. By applying the orange-red lipstick over that bluish area, you neutralize that discoloration before applying the makeup of your desired shade to the affected area.

we embrace beauty in all forms, but completely understand that there are certain aspects of our appearance that we’d prefer to de-emphasize. This is an incredibly clever makeup hack, and one that we’ll definitely be trying when we want to look more awake. Watch this easy-to-follow tutorial in the video below, and be sure to let us know the outcome if you incorporate this technique into your makeup routine.



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