Cute Baby Mimics Doorstop In The Most Hysterical Way


Don’t you envy how babies can make just about anything fun?

It doesn’t take much to make a baby laugh. Unlike us adults who tend to be pretty jaded by ordinary things, it’s pretty adorable how babies can take the most boring thing on the planet and turn it into their hilarious personal plaything. Just take a look at this cutie-pie who gets such a kick out of his mom playing with a washcloth. I’d give anything to be able to laugh like this little man over practically nothing!

Then, on the other hand, we have babies who just don’t understand how harmless some things can be, like this adorable little girl who tries to get rid of her own shadow. You just have to laugh at that! Luckily for the parents of the baby boy in this next video, he’s nothing but chuckles when he experiences something for the very first time…and as you’ll see, it’s completely contagious.

This cute baby has got a serious case of the jitters, but the reason for it is absolutely hilarious. The happy baby boy can’t help but imitate his new favorite toy, a vibrating door stop. When you see how he shakes right along with it, I guarantee you’ll crack up just like I did.

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