He Reveals The One Simple Mistake That Left His Home In Flames. I’ll Never Do This Again!


Just about everyone and their mother has a few 9-volt batteries lying around in a random desk drawer, plastic bag, or junk box. However, did you know that if those batteries have any charge left and accidentally bump into one another or other metal objects like paper clips, steel wool, or coins, it could cause a fire in your house?

That is exactly what happened to Dave and he wants everyone to know how to avoid this hidden danger. Thinking he would just take out the old batteries and pop them in a bag until it was time for recycling, Dave thought he was doing Mother Nature a service. However, because he didn’t use electrical tape to seal off the charge, one slight bump caused his whole house to go up in flames and his family’s lives to be in jeopardy.

Please watch this very important message from Dave and learn the proper way to store your batteries andSHARE this video with everyone you know.




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