Dad Pranks Kids With Terrible Christmas Gifts. But Their Reactions? PRICELESS.


These days, kids seem to expect expensive gifts from their parents and have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Well, these two adorable kids from Britain might be an exception.

In the video, Louis tells his dad he wanted a Ben 10 watch, and Connie wanted Barbie Princess and Ken King. Their dad Tim Cocker decided to prank his kids by deliberately giving them terrible gifts to see how they’d react. Let’s just say, he didn’t expect their priceless reactions.

“As we approach Christmas I wonder if my children realise how fortunate they are when they are inevitably spoiled rotten on Christmas Day,” explains their dad on YouTube. “So I decided to let them have one early gift two weeks before Christmas. One completely terrible gift that is.”

When they open the gifts, they find an onion and a banana. Instead of being ungrateful and upset, the two kids are excited about their gifts, thanking their dad. It’s so precious! What great kids.

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