Day Care Gets Shut Down Amid Allegations Babies Were Given Benadryl


When Leslee Meade observed her son’s behavior upon arriving home from Sue’s Daycare in Durant, Okla., she noticed something wasn’t quite right with her 6-month-old. Her suspicions would be validated as KTEN-10 reports a phone call from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office to the troubled mother revealed a startling truth.

Sue’s Daycare was shut down on Aug. 21 pending a Department of Human Services’ investigation that alleges the establishment was administering Benadryl to children in order to get them to go to sleep. This, according to the KTEN report, is based on a tip from a former Sue’s Daycare employee. In the interview below, however, investigator Jeff Wilson of the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reveals that once word got out, more and more employees started speaking up.”They’ve come and confessed as to what was going on in the day care,” Wilson says. Though the employees admitted to giving children the Benadryl, the investigator explains that “they all stated that they were ordered to give this by the owner.” That owner, Beverly Sue Stair, has not only seen her business get shut down by DHS, but now could be facing child abuse charges says KTEN.

In Meade’s interview with KTEN, she explains the behavioral differences she recognized in her son that initially caused her concern. According to mom, it was clear that her little boy was not acting like his normal, energetic self after leaving Sue’s. “He would come home and just sleep,” she says, telling a reporter he could barely keep his eyes open.

To date, seven children have been identified as victims in the case. While no child is reported to have sustained serious injuries, Meade reflects on what might have been had authorities not intervened, stating, “What she was doing was messing with our lives,” adding that, “Had something happened it would have changed everybody’s lives forever.”



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