Dog Comes Up With Clever Way To Get Ball Out Of Pool


For the most part, either your dog loves to swim, or they are absolutely against going in the water past their paws. If your dog happens to fall into the second category, no matter how hard you try to get them to become more like one of the water dogs, there’s just not a whole lot that can change their minds.

Even for a big dog like Sampson the mastiff, the pool is pretty scary, and that’s with dad there to hold all 120 pounds of him up in the water!

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the dogs that love to swim will take any opportunity to dive on into the water, whether it be a pool, lake, the ocean, or even a bath tub.

You may have seen Jordy the Lab, a dog that loves the water so much he will dive to the bottom to chase after his toys. Then there are dogs like Louie, a pooch who is so at home in the water, sometimes he acts as though he thinks he’s a dolphin!

It’s hard to tell whether Rosie, the dog in this video, is scared of the water, or just doesn’t want to get her hair wet — but when her ball goes rolling into the pool, she refuses to just jump in to retrieve it.

But rather than stand around and wait for the ball to come close enough to the edge of the pool, Rosie gets creative and makes her own little boat to sail her out to get her toy!

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