Dog Greets His Owner After 2 Years Of Separation


When Nathan Beck left for his missionary trip in Samara, Russia, one thing was particularly painful to leave behind – his dog, Bailey. The Beagle-Coonhound mix was sad to see his pal go, and according to Nathan’s father, spent most of his time in Nathan’s room looking for him. Nathan would be away for two whole years as part of a volunteer trip organized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. According to their website, missionaries are a strong tradition in the history of Mormons, and missionaries typically begin to serve when they are young adults. Missionaries serve around the world, wherever the Church calls them.

You can imagine Bailey’s excitement when Nathan returned home after two long years. As soon as the doorbell rings, Bailey is bouncing off the walls.  we always enjoy seeing these types of reunions, and we knew we had to share this one with you.
How cute was that? How would your pup react if you had been gone for that long? Drop us a comment down below or chime in on our Facebook page. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to share it!


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