This Dog Was Lost And Lonely, But When She Reaches Out, I Was STUNNED!


Imagine living in a world where every dog has a loving owner and a place to call home?

That’s the kind of world Eldad Hagar and his amazing team of rescuers at Hope For Paws envision…and every day they bring us a little bit closer to their dream.

We’ve seen Hope For Paws come to the rescue of these helpless puppies and countless other dogs who roam around rough and tough Los Angeles county with nowhere to go.

Thanks to a helpful tipster, there’s one more dog off the street today. Hope For Paws found Old English sheepdog “Shayna” wandering around looking lost and confused. As you can see in the video, the poor pup is also tired, hungry and heartbroken.

Every rescue is different. Some dogs like this scared little white pup take a bit of convincing to accept being saved, but Shayna seems like she has known a human’s love before. Since many strays haven’t had human contact in way too long, they get scared, but Shayna completely embraced the Hope For Paws team.

After two days of searching, the Hope For Paws team discovered Shayna’s family, but sadly they were no longer able to the happy sheepdog. Luckily, the team found an amazing foster family for Shayna, so she can spend the rest of her days feeling love again.

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