Dog Was Lying on The Couch when a Fart Slipped Out. Her Comeback Has The Internet Dying of Laughter


It’s a fact. Dogs can be very funny. But I think hilarious could be the better word to describe what’s happening in this video. Go full-screen and turn up the volume for a load of hilarity!

In the clip, you see this cute white dog named Lucy. Lucy loves lying around on the soft couch and having some fun as other family members go about their business. However, on this occasion, mom has suspected that something hilarious is about to happen, so she grabs a camera and trains it on the dog. And then it happens!

Lucy lets out a sounding fart that instantly grabs her full attention. What’s that? Where did that sound come from? Who’s talking behind me? Lucy has to find out. She tilts her head but sees no one behind her, and then her sensitive nose catches some nasty smell. She investigates further and comes to one conclusion: This seat is evil! She needs to jump off ASAP!

Mom can’t handle her laughter. Watch and go down in laughter.

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