Dog is obviously excited after being rescued


One dog seemed happy to be alive after being rescued from a Romanian river. The dog was unable to get out of the water on his own, but luckily some nearby people saw the canine and responded with help — an unidentified man in a black vest and beanie pulled the dog out of the water by the scruff of its neck.

Once the dog got back on dry land the pooch appeared to show its gratitude by bouncing around and barking. Some online commentators have complained about the March 2014 rescue, arguing that the man in the vest and beanie was unnecessarily abusive to the dog. “Why did they carry him by his fat then throw him to the ground I don’t get it,” reads one YouTube comment. “Thank god they saved him but they could hold him a little better when rescuing him,” read another. However, the most highly rated comment appears to side with the rescuers, “I hold my dogs by the scruff all the time and they are never in pain when I do it. So hush and be grateful the guy saved him,” wrote YouTube user Hoping For The Day.



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