This Dog Sees A Boogie Board On The Beach. But Watch What Happens When He Jumps On It!


Dogs never cease to amaze me with all the tricks they are able to do.

For example, a pooch named Bamboo is able to skateboard better than most people. There’s alsoDally the Jack Russell terrier who has become famous for riding on the back of a miniature horse named Spanky.

I thought I had seen it all until I came across this video below. It shows another Jack Russell named Buddy surfing in the ocean among humans. The dog has been surfing since the age of two.

“We were teaching our children how to boogie board up by the beach… and my daughter grabbed the board and Buddy hopped on it, and squatted down, and started balancing,” Buddy’s owner Bruce Hooker said. “And we just kept pushing the envelope with him and it’s evolved into him surfing on his own now.”

Sometimes Buddy and his owner surf on the same board. Just watch them in action at the 1:00 mark — it’s hilarious!

Buddy has been featured in magazines for his skills and won the 2007 Helen Woodward surfing dog competition in California. He was even inducted in the Surf Dog Hall of Fame in 2011. Yes, that exists!

The dog always draws a big crowd because, well, when have you ever seen a dog that can surf?

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