She Drops A Candle Into A Jar Of Lemons. The Reason Is GENIUS!


Finding non-toxic ways to beautify our home is something I take very seriously.

Whether it’s making my own fabric softener, or even makingmy own carpet cleaner, I like finding ways to spend as little as possible, but get a lot of bang for my buck. And, if I can make things cleaner around my house without using a lot of chemicals, that’s a double plus!

I love having my house smell nice, but a lot of scented candles and air fresheners contain hard to pronounce chemicals, and I just don’t want to be breathing that. So when I discovered you could literally boil yourself a natural air freshener, and then turn that into a scented candle, I just couldn’t wait to try it! Not only is this easy and simple, it really smells fantastic!

Is this something you’d try?

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