Elephants Reunite After Over 20 Years Of Separation


The glitz and glamour of the big top circus can oftentimes shield a less than luxurious reality. For Shirley and Jenny, two former circus elephants, they became far too familiar with the kind of irreparable damage those realities can bring. Now crippled, and in isolation for over 20 years, Shirley is about to be reunited with her former four-legged friend for the first time. She has finally been given the opportunity to live out the rest of her life in peace.

It’s been over two decades since Shirley and Jenny last crossed paths, however, so how would the two gentle giants react when they come face to face? Would they even recognize each other? No one could have predicted what ultimately unfolds, but it’s one of the most touching natural displays you’ll ever see. Let us know what you thought of their reunion, and spread this story if you believe that elephants never forget, and true friendships never really die.



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