Young Students Discover ”Magical” Rock, Then Put It To Amazing Use


10 years ago, three second-graders named Alex, Kyra, and Celia were at recess when they discovered a strange rock poking out of the ground. The more they tried to dig it out, the more they realized this rock way much bigger — and more magical — than they ever imagined.

For weeks, the three students from Kittredge Elementary School in Massachusetts tried to dig up the rock using plastic spoons. They made progress every day, and returned to the rock year after year to work on their passion project. Finally, just before they graduated to middle school, the trio excavated the rock with the help of equipment brought in by the school.

Today, the ‘Kittredge Rock’ is dedicated to those three friends who have since gone on to graduate high school. The special stone remains there on school grounds, and continues to hold a special place in the school’s heart. Kittredge students have a longstanding belief that this “magic” rock has the ability to help them make friends. “It’s a beacon to some of the students out there who get picked on,” one student said. “And they’d go and sit on the rock and like, by the end of recess someone will go sit with them,” said another. For all the horrific bullying stories we hear on a daily basis, the Kittredge Rock is now a beacon of hope for these young students.

One little boy named Walter has experienced the rock’s magical powers firsthand. “I waited there and then eventually some kids came and that changed my life forever,” he said. “When I made those friends it felt magical. I thought I would just sit there alone at recess. Then friends came by. I never thought that would happen.”

Whenever they sit on the rock or touch its smooth edges, Kittredge students are reminded of the power of teamwork and friendship. Please SHARE this amazing story with your friends on Facebook!



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