If You Ever Come Across This Log In The Woods, You Better Look Twice… Because WHOA. Awesome.


Geocaching” is an activity where people seek out hidden treasures with the help of GPS. Strangers will hide a box or capsule and note its coordinates. Then, other people will attempt to find the hidden cache by locating it with GPS. It’s basically a modern day treasure hunt. Some people get really into it, which is so cool.

Reddit user decided to participate in a geocaching hunt (in epic fashion) by making this cool hiding place for his capsule. Finding this would take some serious effort, but it’d be worth it.

Source: Reddit

Being able to go on a treasure hunt whenever you want sounds like so much fun, which is why countless people participate in geocaching. To find geocaches near you, use this website or download an app to show you were the closest ones are!

Don’t forget to leave something awesome behind for someone to find!



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