A Family Moved Away, And Left This Poor Dog Behind. What Came Next? I’m In Tears.


If my house caught on fire, the one thing I’d be hellbent on saving would be my dog. I can’t even comprehend how one family in California sold their house and moved away, leaving their adorable little dog behind.

Hope for Paws is back with another incredible rescue video. Once they receive a call about the abandoned pup you’re about to meet, they film themselves rushing over to find the dog terrified and warning them to back away. She tries to run and hide, but these heroes eventually fing her trapped in between two concrete walls. Within minutes, it’s clear the newly-named Madison was a sweetheart; all she needed was love.

Madison was covered in fleas, matted down and filthy. But after a trip to the vet, she’s now happy and healthy.

But that’s not even the best part — Madison found her forever family, and she’ll never be alone again.

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