Family Reunited With Beloved Dog After 10 Years!


Hoping to give back to those in need, a young couple from Texas decided to work with a local trainer to turn their Golden Retriever into a therapy dog. After Paris the dog graduated, Brad Galbreath and his wife Courtney believed the dog was being sent to a family in need.

“We thought we were doing something very admirable,” said Brad, the dog’s original owner, still admitting, “It was hard to let go.”

After more than a decade had passed, they got the call from the SPCA of Texas. Their beloved golden retriever, named after the Texas city where she was first picked up, was one of 72 animals taken from an Ellis County woman’s home. According to WFAA News, “Twenty other animals were found dead on the property, and the woman now faces a misdemeanor cruelty to animals charge.”

“It was a shock,” Brad said. “Having not heard her name in a decade.”

Paris’ microchip allowed officials to link her back to the Galbreaths. Now, she’s back home where she belongs. Despite her hardships, the dog is doing well.

“She had the same exact face, just a little grayer,” Brad said. “She’ll be with us until we ultimately say goodbye forever.”

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