Josh Weathers Sings Unbelievable Cover Of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”


When it comes to singing covers of famous songs, many people try to belt out Whitney Houston’s ballads…but not many do them justice. So when a man named Josh Weathers walked on stage in a plaid shirt and jeans and joked about singing one of the late star’s songs to honor his mom on her birthday, everyone thought he was joking. But when he started to sing, people realized that he was dead serious.

Honestly, you can’t even blame the audience for thinking Josh was just pulling their legs. Whitney Houston had a powerful, beautiful voice, so it’s basically a miracle when anyone can not only hit all the notes, but hit them well. This little girl surprised everyone when she brought the house down singing, “I Have Nothing,” but she was truly one in a million. Would a man actually be able to hit all the extreme notes found in Whitney’s songs?

I’d seen Sam Smith perform the hit song “How Will I Know,” but when I realized Josh was going to perform the iconic “I Will Always Love You,” I admit I got nervous for him. That’s a daring cover for anyone to sing, and so many people before him have completely butchered it. Instead, he delivered a performance so incredible, it sent chills down my spine. Now that’s talent!

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