This Father fight with his 2 Feet tall Daughter in the Most Adorable Video ever


This video of a young father and his little daughter is one of the most adorable fights you’ll ever see. The 2 feet tall kid is seen standing on top of a table as her father tells her to get down. You would think that a kid that small would probably listen to her father and get down, but not this one! She stands and starts fighting with her father in her own baby language.

The way the kid then goes on to utter some undecipherable things to her bewildered and partially bemused father is simply adorable. Her father then tells her that she doesn’t get to tell him what to do to which she vehemently protests. Her father continues to try to scold but then she’s too awesome and goes on in her own way at an even higher pitch.

The only thing that’s clear from whatever she says is that she isn’t in a mood to listen to her dad at all. Her mother is probably taking the video and is heard laughing on the background. Watch this video now to bring an instant smile to your face! Please SHARE in Facebook if you want to spread a smile on the fact of another.



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