Find The Cat That Is Hiding Somewhere Among These Owls


There is something so enticing about magic and illusions. I love to sit down and lose myself in a nice magic show on TV. I’m always anticipating these tricks on even shows like “Got Talent” where contestants will come on stage and wow the crowd and judges with their skillful talent. The “how do they do that?” factor is so interesting to me.

Illusions are also a part of magic and play a big part in a successful magic trick. If you come to think about it, magic is just one big illusion in which you’re seeing something that the magician is showing you without it being the reality of things. It’s all in the mind, and that’s why people say that the human mind is quite complexed.

Along with being complex, the brain is also very strong and smart. This part of our bodies allows us to put things together to understand what’s going on around us. The mind is doing multiple things at one time and it’s a matter seconds for us before confusing situations start making sense — as the mind puts past and present experiences together, we’re able to comprehend what’s going on and make sense of things.

So, what happens to our brains when it comes to optical illusions and Finding Waldo in a beach swamped with a whole bunch of characters and colorful objects? I can’t really answer that question (because the brain is so complex, of course), but I do know that illusions are a great exercise for the mind.

I know I have sat in front of an image, trying to find a frog amidst a ton of lilypads, and it seems impossible! Those little things seem to blend in so well. But, you’ll also notice that the moment the frog is pointed out, all you’re seeing is that figure and it doesn’t seem too camouflaged anymore. Right? These are the ways of the mind.


In the video we’re about to share, you’re going to see an image of a bunch of owls, and you must find the cat amongst the birds. I encourage you to look long and hard before giving up — the kitty is actually in plain sight when you look carefully.

Once you find it, tell us how hard, or easy, it was for you to find! We’d love to know how long it took you to solve this illusion!

Click below to get started! Good luck!



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