Grandma Was Excited To Meet The Newborn Baby, But Didn’t Expect To See This In The Hospital…


There are pros and cons to deciding to keep your baby’s gender a surprise until birth.

On one hand, it can help you, your friends, and family do some advanced planning, but at the same time, it blows the lid off one of nature’s biggest surprises.

It’s so much fun to find out right when the baby arrives, whether you’re welcoming a new baby boy or girl to the family. Just look at how this family reacted when they thought they were getting a little girl, but got a baby boy instead.

Personally, if I ever have kids, I’m going to keep the baby’s gender a surprise. I’d want to see how all of my relatives react to the news.

The couple in the video below decided to take the surprise one step further. They didn’tjust refuse to reveal the gender of their baby — they left out one other vital piece of information.

Have fun watching reaction after reaction after reaction in the video below. I think my personal favorite is at moment 5:50, when one of their family friends is holding their baby. I’m pretty sure that is the exact same response I would have. I’m just grateful this family caught all the priceless reactions on film.

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