Grandma Tries To Blow Out Her Birthday Candles, Blows Out Her Teeth Instead


This video is so hilarious, it’s no wonder everyone is falling in love with Louise…

Louise Bonito recently celebrated her 102nd birthday in New Haven, CT. Surrounded by her family, which includes her five children, 12 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren, Louise was excited to down and be presented with her birthday cake — a rich chocolate cake with layers of vanilla frosting, and a big ‘ol “102″ sitting proudly on top. But after Louise’s family was finished singing the classic birthday song, something unexpected happened… and it’s so funny!

Louise took a deep breath, preparing to blow out her candles — but before she could exhale, her full set of false teeth shot out and landed right on the table! And instead of being embarrassed or letting it ruin her big day, she broke out in a fit of laughter that just made it all the more hysterical. The Bonito gang says they laughed about it for hours that day. With a sense of humor like this, it’s no wonder Louise is still living life to the fullest.

Needless to say, the video has gone viral. Louise admitted she hadn’t felt like using the normal glue for the teeth on that particular day.

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