Grilled Onions Become All The More Appealing When This Gets Draped On Top


BarbecueWeb is perhaps YouTube’s most popular channel when it comes to all things grilling. With over 88 million page views and almost half a million subscribers, they’ve gained quite the following – and rightfully so. The channel is full of tutorials and how-tos for all your BBQ wants and needs. From pig roasts to ribs to burgers, they’re covering all the bases.

When grilling, it’s always nice to have something on the side to accompany whatever the main dish may be. One of the more popular items that you’ll find at a barbecue is the grilled onion. It’s sweet, roasted flavor is the perfect contrast to a heavily-sautéed piece of meat, no matter the cut. Below, BarbecueWeb shows viewers how to take the typical grilled onion and kick it up a notch. See for yourself and let us know your thoughts on this tasty snack.



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