Group Of Women Lip Synch To Viral Hit “Older Ladies”


This incredibly cute and entertaining music video will have you cheering for all the “older ladies” in your life! Our culture is so obsessed with outward appearances and young people that to watch an amazing video like the one below will certainly put a smile on your face!

Originally written and performed by Donnalou Stevens, the YouTube viral sensation has garnered over 10 million views since it was originally uploaded back in the summer of 2014. Not only does everyone love the message within the lyrics of the song, but the adorable music video is incredibly addictive to watch as well!

The song’s lyrics are honest and truthful; we just love the idea that just because you may be a bit older doesn’t mean you aren’t just as beautiful as you’ve always been! The women in the video below are all beautiful and energetic, and we just love that their entertaining dancing skills are really shown off! Our favorite moment is when the adorable little baby jumps into the frame for half a second near the :55 mark.

Ranging from riding costumes to cowboy outfits to the free-flowing “hippie” clothes they wear at the end, this lip-synch music video is one of the funnest things we’ve seen in a while. These women are all beautiful and we just love to watch them all having some fun! We love their loud colorful skirts at the 2:25 mark too!

With our youth obsessed culture, it’s always great to see when “older” women continue to have the self-confidence and assurance that they deserve to have. What an amazing video!

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