He Couldn’t Get His Shower Floor Clean. Then With THIS 1 Easy Solution – It Sparkled Like New


When you can’t get that disgusting shower floor clean – then it’s time to think outside of the box. Fortunately, Joe Kistel is here to give us a unique tip for how to bring a fiberglass floor back to its original color. What he uses to do so may just surprise you!

Stepping onto a dirty shower floor can make you feel…well, kinda dirty! So, most of us will try really hard to clean it. However, there are sometimes that no matter how hard you scrub – the grime just won’t go away.

Here’s a little secret from Joe Kistel… Did you know that the solution to this problem is actually in your kitchen right now? That’s right, oven cleaner can actually do wonders for cleaning a fiberglass shower floor. Need proof? In the video, he shows us a blackened floor that is in need of a good cleaning. With some oven cleaner, patience, and elbow grease – he is able to get it back to a shade of white. Be sure to watch the video to see the results for yourself!



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